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AMAZING OPPORTUNITY for Louisville adults who want to shed pounds, tone muscles, and gain energy while becoming a Master of Weapons in a class that is safe, effective, and FUN!

Who doesn’t want to be a Ninja?You won’t believe how great you’ll feel after your very first class at Bluegrass Martial Arts. Read on to find out how!

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Bruce lee nunchaku


Use Real Weapons. Weapons of the Samurai, Kung Fu and Karate masters, and the warriors of ancient Indonesia are all part of the Monday evening Kenpo Karate class.

Every two months there is a focused study of a different weapon. We take a deep dive study on the Escrima/Kali Stick fighting patterns, both single and double. We learn interactive combat drills with the Bo, both the long and short staff. Then we cover the techniques from a school of Iaido using the Samurai Sword!

We finish the year with shorter studies on the traditional karate weapons of Okinawa, the Tonfa, Nunchaku, and the Sai. Come join us at Bluegrass Martial Arts on Monday evenings to unlock your inner Ninja!


As we grow older, we naturally lose muscle mass making the dynamic powerful movements we could do so easily before, now take much more effort. There is a greater risk of injury, and even minor aches and pains take much longer to recover.

The good news is that weapon training can continue into your older years with the same intensity it did when you first started your weapon training. In most classical martial arts systems, as a person aged and had to accommodate moving slower and without the same strength they once had, they would discover a new passion investing more time in the training of classical weapons. Weapon training will increasing your STRENGTH, ENDURANCE, and MOBILITY

Imagine feeling young again with all the strength and confidence you had at 18 . . . but even more dangerous with a stick in your hand!


Our classes are filled with smiling faces because the training is FUN. No matter how tough your day has been Monday evening Weapons class will lift up your spirit and empower you.

This is the perfect energizing martial art training for you to release plenty of your days stress and recharge your battery.

You will make new friends and build great social skills because a lot of the practice is partner oriented. Everything is done with your safety and respect for each other in mind.

You will feel great after every class.

Dear Friend,

If you’re like me, you know that the current research says exercise not only helps us look and feel our best, it helps us stay a lot healthier, too.

We all know that we SHOULD exercise, but the problem with most exercise programs is that they are just too boring! Running, or even walking, mile after mile or lifting the same weight 10–20–30 times just gets old fast . . . AND it usually hurts!

Our lean and mean martial arts fitness program is totally different. Every movement has a purpose–a purpose that might one day save your life! Some of our students have actually been able to defend themselves from dangerous attacks, while most are grateful just knowing how to avoid trouble.

Hi, my name is Sensei Samuel Conver.

I’m very proud to say that HUNDREDS of adults in the Louisville area have a BLAST in every class while learning awesome skills in Jiu-Jitsu and watching the pounds melt away.

– Sensei Samuel Conver
Bluegrass Martial Arts


Most frequently asked questions and answers

Our martial arts program covers every component of fitness. You will improve cardio, strength, agility, flexibility, and endurance through our martial arts classes.

Martial arts training impacts the whole person. A big part of weight loss is mental and emotional, which impacts motivation. The martial arts address these areas and help you build indomitable spirit and willpower to reach your goals.

The activities in our martial arts classes include warm up and stretching exercises, a variety of drills, and plenty of aerobic and anaerobic training. We ensure a safe environment and take into account what true total fitness really includes, and the martial arts is the best way to attain it!

Our high-energy instruction always keeps class interesting even when activities are repetitive in nature. You will always be inspired or motivated to perform well, so your interest will be at a high level throughout lessons. 

Yes, you are more than welcome to come by for a trial class. 

You will be required to complete some minor paperwork before participating in any classes, so please be sure to come to the dojo at least 30 minutes prior to any class that you would like to attend. 

Entering the training area late or while a class is in session is highly disruptive, therefore, visitors that show up late will be asked to come back at another time. It is also recommended that you contact an instructor before your visit.

All of our martial arts fitness classes run from 50 to 60 minutes of activity from warm up to cool down. The length of time you remain in the program depends on you and your goals. 

When your goals change we have other kinds of programs that might capture your interest, so you can continue training indefinitely. 

Bluegrass Martial Arts reviews

Payton Perkins
Payton Perkins
I go there almost every week, a good sensei who is great with kids and talks with his students to get them to understand what their doing, he does a variety of different classes like weapons, hand targets and Judo. Overall a good place with a friendly sensei.
Chris Owens
Chris Owens
Sam is the embodiment of the martial arts. A true master and black belt and life, not just in the dojo. You won't find a better teacher either.
My son has attended karate classes here off & on for several years, & is currently taking private lessons. Sam is an excellent teacher with lots of patience. Highly recommended!
Hobbes Crk
Hobbes Crk
I can say nothing but how awesome this place is! I have studied here in two stints before life getting in the way, but I can think of no other karate system that teaches to the level of this place. BMA really has it all no matter what you are looking for, be it casual or serious. Definitely returning if I can!
Benjamin West
Benjamin West
I’ve known the owner/instructor, Sam, since 2007. Not only is he the best martial arts instructor I’ve personally been involved with, but he is also a great family man with good morals. He eats, sleeps, and breathes martial arts and is a wealth of knowledge. Most importantly, he is humble and never belittles people. If you’re interested in learning real self defense and being part of a family environment, then this is the place.
Dean Wilkins
Dean Wilkins
Amazing group rates, and really helped my children developed a hobby that they'll carry forward in life.
Rarest Pupper
Rarest Pupper
Fantastic explanations into each movement, clean, and very friendly. Would recommend for families or anybody looking for a new work out plan or to get into martial arts.
Annisa Perkins
Annisa Perkins
My son loves Sam! Bluegrass will always be family! Thank you!!
Jennifer Richards
Jennifer Richards
Amazing place. Sensei is amazing and knows how to work well with the kids! Would recommend to anyone


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Bluegrass Martial Arts

Although many people think the martial arts are just about fighting, the truth is that the physical “kicking and punching” are really just the tools that I use to teach the more important, and MUCH more valuable lessons about yourself.

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